“Pilu has the talent to make each team member creative. She has a very positive energy that sparkles. Also, she really puts herself in your shoes to understand your challenges. She is curious and very into her work. I definitely recommend her if you want to step back, have an overall picture of your challenges, and build a strategy.”

- Camille Beaumont, Chief Marketing officer Marbotic.

"Pilu was amazingly gifted at designing The Feast event in Chicago. She made it look easy and effortless in bringing such a stellar group of talented people together for a lovely night of guided sharing time, brainstorming and reflection"

- Erin Huizenga, Founder of Epic and & Borough & Block.

"Pilu is an incredibly talented human being. Her passion is palpable, making her a fantastic collaborator. As she produced The Feast Worldwide in Chicago as one of our highest level collaborators, her enthusiasm not only helped galvanize the innovation community in Chicago but the other worldwide collaborators as well. Her eye for innovation and impeccable design and created an impeccable experience. The effects of her work are reflected in the incredible feedback, experience, and smiles on all those who have attended. Pilu is a treasure and it is a privilege to have gotten to work with her."

- Jerri Chou, Founder of The Feast

"Working with Pilu has been invaluable for me personally and professionally. Her unique insights helped me to navigate diverse interests and discover my true passions and capabilities.  She worked with me to focus on my values and maximize the ability I have to make change happen"

- Toph Carter, Design strategist and Experience Institute student (EXP2)

"Pilu is a great professional. We worked together in different creative projects. She recentely helped us in the process of rethinking the experience and creative concept of The Dreamsons, a brand for parents with children from 3 to 7 years old to help them tell their children about its family experiences. She always brings a very constructive attitude and great ideas and she challenges us to see things in a different way"

- Arturo Paracuellos, Founder of Unboring and The Dreamsons

"Pilu is a motivational ignitor and a great inspirational leader. A good manager of creativity as a tool to reach organizational changes that lead to updated mindsets. It's been a real pleasure ti be part of her team"

- Claudia Machado, Brand Strategist at TBWAMadrid"

" I worked with Pilu for 2 years at the digital boutique 101 in Madrid. We also collaborated in different projects building digital strategist for first league brands. From the beginning I could see in Pilu a strategic eye and a creative mind. She always finds the way to cover the requirements of the client without loosing the needs of the consumer. Her strengths are an eye for Innovation and a great sense for collaboration, and she brings those to every project she is embarked in.

- Elvira Aldaz. Digital Strategist Consultant. Madrid