I started organizing inspirational tours for teams as part of the exploration stage on every creative project I worked on. I observed that people were extremely impacted by them so I started organizing them independently. .

We lead immersive inspiration tours that open up new worlds of possibility. They work great when a team is starting a rebrand, going through organizational changes or working on strategic plans. They work great at the beginning of a creative process when you need a new approach for a design or research project.

I usually start with a theme or a challenge. From there, I craft the experience to explore the concept, visiting siteas that can spark new ideas. I worked for themes like the Future of Work, Gardening, well being and community building. The tours end with a guided conversation to understand what we observed and experimented and find ways to transform them into actionable ideas.

I design these experiences for both corporate clients and for groups of entrepreneurs and the can last from one day to a full week.

Some of the clients who jumped into inspirational tours were: Maxus The Feast, Roy Diblik, AgencyEA.